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Every postseason college bowl game has its own personality, its benefits, its special touches. Each of the 35 games in 28 communities strives to promote the game of college football, while at the same time placing a spotlight on their cities and their citizens and benefiting local charities and organizations.

It's a tall order, one that is filled each and every season.

The bowls have an ally – the Football Bowl Association.

The non-profit organization – as many of the bowls themselves are – was established to help build upon the traditions of the bowl games, and bring to light the many benefits of the games beyond the playing field and parades and other activities. Just as bowl games bring a uniqueness to college football, the FBA places a spotlight on the distinctiveness of the games and their history and traditions.

The FBA takes the lead in protecting the games, while embracing and honoring the bowl experience for present and future generations.

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2015-16 Bowl Schedule