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January 15, 2016


Let me first extend a huge congratulations to you and the entire Tiger family. Your efforts and achievements this season were nothing short of amazing.

The entire season proved exciting for the Clemson faithful and as an Alabama grad and die-hard ‘Bama fan, let me just say: much respect. The class you displayed throughout the season is refreshing and encouraging. Furthermore, the class you displayed last night on the biggest college football stage was respectful and admirable. Despite a loss, your leader, #4, Deshaun Watson, still celebrated with players donning the white uniforms with crimson accents.

The on-the-field play inked respect and class as synonymous with Clemson. A back-and-forth battle between two heavyweights, emotional ups and downs, big plays and tough breaks didn’t keep you, the Tigers, from putting class ahead of frustration. I’ll admit, at times during the game it was difficult to remain optimistic, but that’s where I give credit to you, Clemson.

You had me nervous and stressed during the entire game. Even as the clock hit 00:00 I still wasn’t sure ‘Bama had pulled it off. That’s because you’re good, very good. I hope you don’t feel as though your season was a let down. It wasn’t, not even slightly. You gave new life and new hope to the Tiger family. You left everything on the field and for that you should be proud. You brought your own guts.

That game was physically and emotionally draining for both sides, but the poise and character displayed by everyone, both teams, from players to coaches to fans, was exactly what college football is all about— respect. You respect the Crimson Tide and they respect you.

So, in a day where everyone gets a participation trophy, perhaps you deserve to be recognized. Although not victorious on the field, you were victorious in other ways. You won respect from the entire college football world, your fans, your opponents and those that doubted you. You should be proud. I am proud that we, the Alabama faithful, can say we beat the Clemson Tigers. That says a lot.

Clemson, here’s to you. Here’s to the class you displayed and the respect you earned. You deserve to be respected. It showed last night. I tip my hat to you . . . and I hope; I truly hope we do not meet again next year.

Much respect,
Doug Killough, Alabama Fan

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