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Teamwork is a key ingredient toward developing a winning college football team, a championship team. There are many factors that go into that formula, including the need for a strong coaching staff to direct and discipline the team, and the support of the university administration. A solid fan base doesn't hurt, either.

But a strong team is made that way by the individual parts – the players and their skills – who together provide the team's strength in both tangible and intangible ways.

In a way, that's the approach of postseason bowl games, too. While the goal of all bowls is to provide a pleasurable experience for the participating teams, bowl officials understand it is also an individual experience as well, a special memory for each and every student-athlete who has the opportunity to take part in one of the 35 postseason college football games.

A bowl game berth is a reward for a season well-played, both for the teams involved and for each individual student-athlete on those teams.

2015-16 Bowl Schedule